In 1993, a group of local Aboriginal Business owners started to ponder the idea of creating an organization comprised of Aboriginal businesses to work with and alongside the local Oilsands industry. It was agreed upon that working together as a collective, Aboriginal Entrepreneurs stood stronger and would have more opportunity to access work and training opportunities with Industry. The organization has evolved over the years, from the voice of few trying to find its place in the Wood Buffalo community to a leading business authority.

Syncrude, Suncor, and Keyano College were some of the first organizations to participate in NAABA events and lend their encouragement and support to this growing collectible of Aboriginal voices.

The sustainability of NAABA as an organization has been built on our membership’s commitment to the mission and vision of the organization since the inception in 1993. The organization has come a long way from it first eleven Full Aboriginal Members and eight Associate Members.

As an organization, we could not have achieved our success without those Indigenous business owners that came before us, pushing the boundaries and demanding that our people have equal access to work within our region. NAABA also owes its success to our valued associate partners both at an industry, non-for-profit and non-Indigenous business level. It took the belief and vision of a few to gain the confidence of our clients and community. Today we are a thriving organization and often looked upon nationally as a leading example of an Indigenous Business authority.

The Faces of Entrepreneurship Short Film

The Faces of Entrepreneurship is a multi-media storytelling initiative that aims to share the journeys of Indigenous business leaders from the Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo region –a trailblazer in Indigenous business and entrepreneurship in Canada. The region is home to some of the most successful Indigenous entrepreneurs in our country, with 6 First Nations and 6 Metis settlements making-up this vast and remarkable place of Indigenous strength.

This short film marks the first time Indigenous entrepreneurs in northeastern Alberta are sharing their own story, in their own words, and in their own way.

The Faces of Entrepreneurship:

  • Breaks down barriers, dispels myths, and educates non-Indigenous people in our province.
  • Builds intercultural awareness and inclusion of Indigenous communities.
  • Showcases the authentic entrepreneurial spirit and success of Indigenous business leaders.
  • Fosters a greater appreciation of Indigenous Peoples in Alberta.
  • Creates a province where Indigenous Peoples feel included, and their cultures are valued.

The Faces of Entrepreneurship is being shown through multiple media channels, including social media, digital, and print. This project was made possible through the Government of Alberta’s Multiculturalism Indigenous and Inclusion Grant Program and Suncor’s Community Investment Grant Program. NAABA extends its gratitude to each of these organizations for their support and acknowledgment of the significance of this project.

Short Film (approx. 11 min)

Trailer (approx. 30 sec)

Vignettes (approx. 4 min each)

Robin Villebrun –Founder & President, MedikaNorth

Dave Tuccaro–Founder, President and CEO of Tuccaro Group of Companies

Sheena Bradly –Owner/Operator·OmisimâwWellness