Board Of Directors

Cheryl Alexander
Todd Pruden
Lloyd Antoine
Tyrone Brass
Leona Lepine
Adam Tatum
Jaime Harpe
Chris Wilson
Sherri Herman
President : Cheryl Alexander
C & O Consulting Ltd.

Cheryl Alexander is the President and CEO of her own Aboriginal consulting business, C & O Consulting Ltd. In addition to providing Aboriginal Awareness & Cultural Training Cheryl specializes in facilitating Strategic Planning Sessions, Team Building Workshops, and board development. Cheryl is a dynamic facilitator who has been facilitating training sessions and workshops for C&O Consulting Ltd. since 2006.

Cheryl Alexander is a Mikisew Cree First Nation member born and raised in Fort McMurray, Alberta. She holds a Masters Degree in Theocentric Counseling from Genesis Institute, and a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Athabasca University. She has been the recipient of several awards and received a nomination for the 2014/2015 Women of Inspiration Award hosted by Girls Inc of Northern Alberta and Syncrude Canada. In 2011 Cheryl was a recipient of the Leadership Award and Female Citizen of the Year Award from the Regional Aboriginal Recognition Awards Organization. A familiar face within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Cheryl was featured in the “Faces of Fort McMurray” by Wood Buffalo Big Spirit magazine, and in the “Top 40 under 40” by Connect weekly newspaper.

Cheryl is an advocate for giving back to your community and works as a volunteer for the Wood Buffalo Wellness Society and Tabernacle of Praise Church. Her diverse professional and personal experiences, along with a dynamic personality have made Cheryl an engaging Master of Ceremonies, and an intriguing keynote speaker at many events.

Last but not least, Cheryl values her commitment to her husband and three children, and is a testament to maintaining a work-life balance.

1st Vice President : Todd Pruden
Dreamline Canada Inc.

Todd Pruden has been in Fort McMurray since December 1977. His father was a teacher and his mother worked at the College. Todd has been a teacher and a police officer and also obtained his MEd in leadership at the University of Alberta. Since starting Dreamline Promotions in 2003, Todd now has time to give back to the community where it all started. Todd also sits on the Board of CFAR (Circle for Aboriginal Relations).

2nd Vice President : Lloyd Antoine
A.P.E. Maintenance Ltd.

Lloyd Antoine is President and co-owner of A.P.E. Maintenance Ltd. which is a 100% Aboriginal owned local company that supplies oilfield, construction, maintenance and transport services to this Region.
Lloyd moved from his hometown of Fort Chipewyan to work for Syncrude for 16 years prior to starting A.P.E. Maintenance in 2008.

He loves to spend his free time boating, fishing, snowmobiling or spending time with his wife and two children at their cabin along the Athabasca River.

Lloyd has been a Full Member with NAABA since 2008 and is ready, willing and able to become actively involved to work towards NAABA’s goals, initiative and future endeavours. He believes in being open, transparent and is approachable by all who seek his input.

Secretary/Treasurer : Tyrone Brass
Bayzik Electrical, Valve and Instrumentation Inc.

Tyrone has been an active community member since 1988. He worked for Syncrude for 20 years, and then in March 2005 he began his business, Bayzik Electrical, Valve and Instrumentation. Tyrone became a NAABA member in May of 2005.
He has four wonderful children who are very active in academics and sports.

Tyrone is an experienced member of the NAABA Board. He volunteers many hours to the Board and has established relationships with NAABA members, the NAABA Board, Industry and community.

Leona Lepine
Peyak Mekwan Maintenance Ltd.

Leona was born and raised in Fort Chipewyan. She is a member of the Mikisew Cree First Nation.
She attended and graduated from Bishop Piche School in Fort Chipewyan.  She also completed her Early Childhood Development Certificate and Aboriginal Entrepreneurship Certificate at the same time achieving a Personal Achievement award on both.

Leona worked with the Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) producing a local newspaper. She worked with Seniors as a Coordinator, with both FCSS and her band, Mikisew Cree First Nation. She also worked with children at Chip Child Development, as a Bus driver, Instructor and Director.  For 23 years she submitted local community reports to CBC Radio in Yellowknife.  While working her regular daytime jobs, she also started a janitorial company working with various companies in Fort Chipewyan including: Alberta Forestry, Canada Post, RCMP, RMWB and the Northern.  Leona worked as the Admin Assistant for the Nunee Health Authority at the Nursing Station in Fort Chipewyan, while her daughter finished high school. After her daughter graduated, Leona decided she needed to move to help her daughter pursue her education further. They relocated to Fort McMurray and once again the janitorial field of work fell back on her lap. She decided to form Peyak Mekwan Maintenance Ltd.  Peyak Mekwan meaning “One Feather.”  She chose a Cree name as she is fluent in her Cree language.  Leona believes in helping family, friends and her Aboriginal people with employment, therefore; her goal is to help employ Aboriginal people, and also working with other agencies in the region. Leona is enjoying sitting on the NAABA board as she is learning a lot and meeting new people. She also volunteers on the NAABA Events Committee to help organize up-coming events for NAABA.

Director : Adam Tatum
MXC Automotive Services

Adam is from Janvier and he is the owner of MXC Automotive Services. An upstanding father and long time family resident of Fort McMurray, Adam is dedicated, hard working and a prominent business man in the Wood Buffalo region. He believes in strengthening relationships with Industry and all business in Wood Buffalo so we all can succeed together.

Director : Jaime Harpe
TJs Clearing Ltd.

Jaime Harpe is the President and co-owner of TJs Clearing Ltd. A company that her husband began in 2000. Jaime, a member of the Chipewyan Prairie First Nation, grew up in the community and she is fluent in the Dene Language. She, along with her husband and their five children, enjoy family time. Keeping their aboriginal traditions and culture alive important to their family.
Jaime has been a board member of the Sekweha, Fort McMurray Native Youth Hockey and believes in giving back to the region and communities. Strong communities mean a strong and healthy future for our region.

Jaime would like to contribute to the success of NAABA and its members. In assisting to provide opportunities for the current membership and the future membership as well. To assist NAABA as membership increases and to strengthen our communities and region by helping the membership to be successful.

Director : Chris Wilson
Birch Mountain Enterprises

Confidence is a vital key to success, whether it be in business or in life, and Chris Wilson, owner and CEO of Indigenously owned and operated Birch Mountain Enterprises has all the reason to be confident.
Born in Fort McMurray and raised in Fort McKay, Wilson always had dreams of starting his own business, but that’s not to say the decision to start Birch Mountain Enterprises (BME) at the time was easy. It meant walking away from a stable job with the company that had trained him, into the unsure world of entrepreneurship.

In 2004 Wilson made that choice. He consulted with Syncrude management, his brother Lee, and his family, and decided it was time to start BME.

“I always grew up dreaming of owning my own company, but along the way I’d always let someone else talk me out of it,” said Wilson. “It was never the right time, or my current job was too good to leave to risk it all, but I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit and eventually you just have to go for it.”

That risk paid off, with BME growing from just Wilson, his brother Lee, and their friend Ivan Boucher in the early days, to over 330 employees working across multiple oil sands sites in fluid and waste management, fuel delivery, and equipment cleaning.

“Every day I go to work I’m always impressed and I’m always proud,” said Wilson

“I never thought it would get this big or successful, but when you hire good people and they buy into your philosophy it just works.”

It’s that confidence in the team he’s assembled that has allowed Wilson’s company to grow and flourish. He believes in hiring the best talent available, and then giving them room to do their job.

“You have to be confident in your work, and the team you’ve assembled. At the end of the day, that’s what our clients see is a company that works together like a family and stands behind each other, and that translates to good business in the field.”

“I’ve got leaders who have been with me from almost day one, and they’re not afraid to make a call. They’re not afraid to back up their decisions because they need space to be leaders.”

It’s those leaders who’ve allowed Wilson to step back from the fieldwork he cut his teeth in and to transition into the day to day office work the company requires to grow. In the office Chris has had to learn how to transition into a leadership and director role, under his direction the company has grown by leaps and bounds.

“It is hard, I’ve been used to having my hands in it and getting dirty, and to transition into an office and the primarily the leadership side of the business my mind has to work a lot harder than my body now.”

“It has its own rewards though. In the morning when you have trucks ready to go, and things are running smoothly, you can stand back and look at all you’ve accomplished with a sense of pride.”

The success of the company also has Wilson looking for ways to give back to the community that’s given him everything. Whether its sponsoring a hockey team or a local MMA fight, or contributing over $250,000 to the Northern Lights Health Foundation, Wilson is always ready to rally to a good cause.

“Giving back is simple, it just feels good. This community, this region of Wood Buffalo has given me every opportunity I’ve had to be successful in life. This community is where my daughters were born, it’s where I got my post-secondary education, and now that I’ve been fortunate to have some success in life giving back makes me proud.”

When asked who he could point out who helped him succeed along the way, Wilson was quick to provide a list. He would like to thank his family, Keyano College, the Fort McKay group of companies, and the Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association.

Director : Sherri Herman
Dene Sky Site Services Ltd.

Sherri Herman is the CEO & Co-Owner of Dene Sky Site Services Ltd., (operating as) Dene North Site Services & Board of Directors for Dene North Site Services, Dene North Site Services was launched in April of 2017, as partnership between Dene Sky Site Services Ltd. and North American Enterprises Ltd. Sherri and her husband started the business in November of 2005 as a privately-owned First Nations business, Dene Sky made substantial in-roads into Alberta’s petroleum and construction industries by providing skilled labour and specialized equipment in earthworks, road construction and maintenance, specialized welding, site development, plant maintenance and labour services. Now under the name of Dene North Site Services she will continue to expand on the initial success of Dene Sky Site Services and broaden our services and capacity to larger scopes and projects under Dene North Site Services.
Sherri, is a member of the Chipewyan Prairie First Nation. She has grown up in the region and calls both Fort Mc Murray and Janvier home. Sherri is a proud mother of two children and 2 grandchildren, she enjoys her personal time with her family keeping her aboriginal traditions and culture alive.

Sherri is a board member of the Sekweha, and is now serving a 2nd time on the NAABA board of directors. She believe its important to give back to the communities that we live and work in. Keeping a good balance of work and home life with positive influences. To help shape a strong vibrant community. She look forward to the future to help continue the shape the future of NAABA.