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What is the Digital Economy Program?

The Digital Economy Program is delivered by Business Link in collaboration with Digital Main Street. It is funded by the Government of Alberta and Prairies Economic Development Canada. The Digital Economy Program is a free service designed to help your small business expand online. This program will help your small business undergo digital transformations and adopt eCommerce practices.

The program can help your business:

• Improve your ability to reach customers
• Increase sales
• Elevate your business’ eCommerce presence

Participating small businesses will receive access to a digital service squad to help you adopt eCommerce best practices that are essential to success in today’s business environment.

Are You Eligible?

• You have a business registered in Alberta (Indigenous owned businesses that are not registered in Alberta may still be eligible, please contact the DEP Program Coordinator directly)
• You have 0-49 employees
• You are not a non-profit, charitable trust, or franchise business

If you answered yes to all of these, Hooray! You are eligible to apply for the Digital Economy Program.

ShopHERE powered by Google

Get help creating and customizing your online store. You’ll be trained on how to manage and market your online store and will be provided with the support that you need to make your online shop successful. Access free 1-on-1 support to build and launch your store and more.

What does the program do?
• Creates and configures your online store
• Trains you on how to manage it
• Collaborates to get the store live
• Helps with marketing the store

What are the program benefits?
• Free 90 day trial of Shopify
• Ad credits including $50 for Facebook (while available)
• Free .CA domain registration (while available)

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Digital Service Squad (DSS)

The DSS is focused on providing 1-on-1 assistance and digital services to small businesses in any region of Alberta. The DSS will be available through local business support providers this fall.

Services may include:

• 1-on-1 digital transformation support
• Social media strategy
• Show you how to build a basic website
• Google My Business set up support
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) support
• Help set up a POS solution
• Create customer databases
• Streamline business processes with digital tools

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