The language of business

Financial Literacy

Throughout your business adventures, you will be faced with numerous financial terms and concepts. It is essential the know the language of business. We provide financial literacy training to get you off on the right track.

Set up for success

Fundamental Bookkeeping

Successful businesses track finances, review results, adjust plans and capture opportunities. Essential to these activities is access to timely, accurate and relevant financial information. We help set up your accounting systems, provide training and can be available to perform essential bookkeeping services.

Know what you need to know

Monthly Financial Reporting & Analysis

Monthly financial reporting provides an opportunity for management to assess past activities and plan for the future. We work with management to create a set of monthly financial reports including financial statements and critical operating metrics for your organization.

Does it make sense financially?

Financial Planning & Modeling

Businesses need to appropriately plan. This can be for the whole organization, a business unit or product line. We work with the business to collect information, create financial models (including cash flow and working capital assessments) and document assumptions. With this information, management is equipped to make stronger business decisions.

We can make this better! 

Back Office/Accounting Efficiency Opportunities

The world is constantly changing, and new tools and processes are evolving in the administration of your “back office”. We work with many businesses and have a deep understanding of opportunities for efficiencies while balancing appropriate financial controls. We help identify opportunities, provide recommendations and assist businesses implement process improvements.

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