Accurately evaluate pay structure

Employee Compensation

We will develop a plan for accurately assessing your current compensation processes as well as setting compensation for future hires. this includes performance bonuses, raises, and hourly and salary positions.

Create healthier lives for employees

Employee Benefits

Create healthier lifestyles for your employees by setting health benefits, RRSP plans, leave benefits, family-related time off, and training and development.

Find the best!

Recruitment & Selection

Let us help you create job descriptions, manage posting for short-term or long-term work, screen resumes, and assist in the interview process. This includes helping develop appropriate questions for candidates.

Ensure your employees are happy

Employee Relations

Assisting in exit interviews, our Human Resources Advisor can document this process for your management teams as well as help with understanding the information required for performance and behaviour documentation.

Everyone has their role

Organization Structure

Identify the human capital requirements for the work you are performing and set department goals such as diversity goals and career paths. Identifying these things can greatly reduce employee turnover.

Help your employees grow

Training & Development

Create a professional development policy, services agreement, required items, and goals for your employees. Help them better understand their role in your organization and what is expected of them.

Create rules for your organization


These are the guidelines within your business. This includes employee work schedules, creating a safe work environment, termination policy, anti-discrimination, and leave management.

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