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September 8, 2022: Member Profile Prairie North

If you need dirt moved, trust the company that has been specializing in earth moving, land clearing, grading and excavation for over 20 years!

Prairie North Const. Ltd., a Certified Full Aboriginal Member of NAABA, has earned a reputation for completing complex projects ahead of schedule and within budget. Its management team brings combined knowledge from all facets of the Alberta Construction industry to the table, which means the client can trust their project is in the hands of knowledgeable and talented experts.

With specialized, well-maintained equipment and highly-trained operators, Prairie North can tackle any earth moving project including highway construction, oil field site access, lagoon construction, landfill construction, and a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial construction sites.

Clients enjoy a flexible approach to contracts with Prairie North, as well as a strong commitment to Quality Assurance and Safety. In fact, Prairie North was recognized by Work Safe Alberta for exceptional performance in workplace health and safety for four consecutive years!

Learn more about Prairie North Const. at it website here:

August 25, 2022 Member Profile: Sakasteew Transportation

Marie Boucher is a businesswoman, but she’s also a family woman.

It’s her passion for family and desire to get everyone home safe that drives her business, Sakasteew Transportation, a COR Safety holder and one of the safest and largest First Nation transportation companies in Northern Alberta.

Located in the Fort McKay First Nation, Sakasteew Transportation offers reliable ground transportation for industry workers and executives travelling to industrial sites in the region, as well as airport and camp shuttles, private tours … and more. The company’s fleet includes 15- and 24-passenger shuttle
buses, 15-passenger shuttle vans and school buses with seating for up to 32.

And in the spirit of family, Boucher’s grandson King Boucher has started a delivery and transportation business under the name of Okimaw Express, which delivers online orders to residents without transportation options in the rural communities and camps in the region. The two businesses together connect our region by meeting customers where they are.

Sakasteew means “Morning Sunrise… A New Beginning,” something Marie Boucher ensures each passenger sees after their safe transport.

For more information about Sakasteew Transportation and Okimaw Express, visit their website here:

August 17, 2022 Member Profile: Brignall Equipment Solutions

Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo is no stranger to the complex and exciting machines and vehicles used to drive industry in the region, and it’s no surprise that those machines need expert repair and maintenance services that are local and committed to quality. Brignall Equipment Solutions Ltd., a Certified Full Aboriginal Member of NAABA, has made a name for itself through its professional engine repair services, as well as high-performance products and sales.

Established in 2012, Brignall Equipment Solutions got its start performing engine diagnostics and general repairs on commercial truck fleets and has since expanded into a dedicated maintenance space, and is now the only authorized Isuzu dealership serving the Wood Buffalo region. Its values of customer service, communication and relationship building, cleanliness in the shop, and taking great care in the work has made Brignall Equipment Solutions a leader in the industry and a magnet for talented, professional and knowledgeable technicians.

In addition to engine and generator repair and sales, Brignall Equipment Solutions offers cleaning services for diesel engines of all sizes, helping to keep emissions low and engines running smoothly.

Learn more about Brignall Equipment Solutions at its website:

August 10, 2022 Member Profile: Mechanical Experts

For Mechanical Experts Inc., being Indigenous-owned is more than a title you stick on a website. It’s a way of life, and a way of business.

Mechanical Experts, a Certified Full Aboriginal Member of NAABA, takes its Indigenous ownership to heart, and is committed not only to hiring Indigenous staff, but also to honest, open and continuous engagement and collaboration with the local First Nations and Métis people in the areas in which it operates.
With its values of Innovation, Quality and Integrity, Mechanical Experts is an industry leader offering the following services:
▪ Gasfitting
▪ Mechanical
▪ Sheet Metal Fabrication
▪ Plumbing
▪ Electrical

Learn why Mechanical Experts is a different kind of industrial contractor by visiting their website here: 

August 4, 2022 Member Profile: Inner City Diesel.

What sets Inner City Diesel (ICD Group) apart from the competition? With all its growth, expansion and diversification since

it was established in 2008, ICD Group has never lost sight of the values that guide it: honesty, trust, integrity and perseverance.

As ICD Group President Eric Tevely says: “You have to make the choice to persevere!”
And persevere it has! Over the years, ICD Group has built a solid reputation for quality work and customer service in the fields of heavy duty and light duty mechanical, pumping and dewatering solutions, dredging and tailings services, and vehicle rentals and fleet management. From its humble beginnings of one service truck with Tevely behind the wheel, ICD Group has grown into a comprehensive lineup of services that can take on anything from the smallest equipment repair job to an extreme, high-head pumping operation.
As an Indigenous owned and operated company, ICD Group strives to employ and partner with Indigenous workers and businesses, placing great value on mentoring the next generation of Indigenous tradespeople and supporting the communities in which they live.

Learn more about Inner city Diesel, a Certified Full Aboriginal Member of NAABA, here:

July 21, 2022 Member Profile: Novamen Inc.

Novamen Inc. is more than a chemical manufacturing and distribution company. Established in 2010, with over 30 years combined industry experience of its founders, Novamen prides itself on going above and beyond to find innovative solutions to the unique needs of each client. And that’s fitting, because the word Novamen itself is derived from the Latin word for “a new method, idea or product.”

Novamen offers an extensive catalogue of chemical products and services tailored for industrial projects in Alberta. They have solutions for dust control, corrosion and scale inhibitors, deicing, H2S scavengers, demulsifiers, coagulants and more. Innovative business practices include innovative environmental practices, and Novamen lives up to its name by always seeking new ways to reduce waste and impact on the environment. Work with Novamen staff to select eco-friendly options for deicing, H2S scavenging, degreasers, antifreeze and more to make YOUR project safer for the environment!

Being socially responsible as a business is one of Novamen’s core philosophies, and they strive to make the world a better place by supporting and volunteering for organizations such as Meals on Wheels, the Red Deer Food Bank and the Canadian Red Cross 2016 Wildfire Campaign.

Learn more about Novamen Inc., a Certified Full Aboriginal Member of NAABA, here:

July 14, 2022 Member Profile: Oilsands Shovel Products

What happens when you join together ingenuity and opportunity? You get Oilsands Shovel Products Ltd. Oilsands Shovel Products was established in 2009 to address a specific need in the region: oilsands mining safety equipment that is expertly manufactured and available right when the client needs it.

Since then, Oilsands Shovel Products has been fabricating haul truck spotters, mine shovel safety satellites, specially-designed transport trailers, and electrical cable saddle buns right here in Fort McMurray. While competitors may take up to three weeks to deliver on an order, Oilsands Shovel Products keeps a
large local stock of product on hand at all times.

A 100-per-cent Aboriginal-owned company, Oilsands Shovel Products’ owner has over 30 years of experience as a welder, and its staff of journeymen welders also have extensive local knowledge of the oilsands industry, safety standards, and the mining equipment used. This gives the company an edge over non-local competitors, as it can use its knowledge of the equipment it fabricates to innovate.

We’re glad to count Oilsands Shovel Products as a Certified Full Aboriginal Member of NAABA! Learn more about Oilsands Shovel Products here: 

July 4, 2022 Member Profile: SeNa Constructors

Whether you’re looking for a construction company that will be with you from start to finish, or one that can address smaller projects within a larger whole, SeNa Constructors Inc. has the experienced construction professionals, engineers and managers to get the job done safely, on time and on budget.
Serving the Wood Buffalo, Lakeland, and Athabasca Oil Sands regions of Northern Alberta, SeNa has made a name for itself by tackling all types of engineering, infrastructure and civil works projects. From industrial site development to municipal utilities to residential construction, SeNa has seen it all.
At SeNa, a strong record of safety and risk management is just part of doing good business. SeNa manages risk for its clients, employees and the public in many ways, including implementing safety programs, meeting or exceeding regulatory and client requirements, recruiting and training highly qualified personnel, and effectively managing assets, costs and schedules.

Learn more about SeNa Constructors Inc. and the engineering and construction services it offers here:

June 16th – Congratulations to A.P.E Maintenance LTD on the grand opening of their new head quarters and shop! What a fabulous accomplishment! Congratulations on your continued success and thank you for your on-going investment in the community!

June 13th – We would like to congratulate Acden on its newly formed partnership. We wish ACDEN Myshak the best as it leads this new venture to success.