We hereby commit to the employment of Aboriginal Peoples, support local Aboriginal Businesses and entities, and to abide by the By-laws, Policies, and Procedures, and Support the Mandate of the Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association. The applicant is a duly authorized signing authority for the above entity, empowered to certify that the information provided is true and accurate.

If 51% + other shareholders which are Non-Aboriginal, then please read the following:

To ensure a fair, independent and confidential process, we have instituted a new accreditation process to review and assess all Full Membership applications. This process will provide approved applicants with a certification by NAABA that they are an Aboriginal business as defined by our bylaws. It is intended that there will be a periodic review of the structure of all Full Members to ensure they retain their status as an Aboriginal business.

All Full Member applications involving an Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal entity/partner will now have their applications reviewed by legal counsel chosen by NAABA. The fee for review is a flat rate of $750 and is payable to NAABA prior to review. A complete package assembled by NAABA is sent to our legal counsel for review once payment is received. If the package provided does not meet legal counsel’s satisfaction, which means the application is declined, feedback will be provided on what needs to be done to meet his satisfaction. If the applicant wishes to proceed and provide the additional documentation outlined, then an additional $500 fee will be required to continue the review. Once legal counsel has ensured your application meets criteria for Full Membership status, the recommendation will be submitted to the board of directors for approval.

In any situation where our legal counsel serves as legal counsel to an applicant causing conflict – alternate legal counsel chosen by NAABA will carry out the approval process.