Are you a Métis woman who owns or wishes to own a micro business? Today’s banking perspectives make it hard to get funding for businesses that don’t support full-time employment or can easily service debt, meaning micro businesses are often overlooked. But many Métis women contribute to the economic fabric of their communities through micro businesses and when empowered, they are advocates on social issues, role models for future generations and preservers of Métis culture.

That’s why Rupertsland Institute and the Métis Nation of Alberta, Apeetogosan (Métis) Development Inc. (AMDI), have created a Métis Women in Micro Business Program (MWMBP). The program will target small business endeavours whose maximum project size will not exceed $25,000. The MWMBP will provide an interest free loan of up to $22,500, where 40 percent of financing will be forgivable on the back end of the loan. The funds can be used towards capital expenditures required to establish or expand the business’s operations.

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