Indigenous Entrepreneurs are Growing with our Professional Advisors

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Indigenous entrepreneurs face a whole new set of challenges within industry in Northern Alberta. NAABA has trained advisors who are familiar with these barriers and are equipped with the knowledge and resources to help you challenge and overcome them. Work with our professional advisors to increase your business capacity. In this pilot program, NAABA Members can now get support in Marketing, Finance, and Human Resources. Take control of your time with this structured, 1-on-1 advising and implementation of tactics that support your business needs. Email Rosmarie at to start the process.

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Step 2: Pick the Package that’s Right for You


  • Open Access to Advisors (within package hours)
  • 30 Marketing Hours
  • 10 Finance Hours
  • 10 Human Resources Hours


  • Open Access to Advisors (within package hours)
  • 50 Marketing Hours
  • 30 Finance Hours
  • 30 Human Resources Hours


  • Open Access to Advisors (within package hours)
  • `100 Marketing Hours
  • 60 Finance Hours
  • 60 Human Resources Hours


  • Open Access to Advisors (within package hours)
  • 120 Marketing Hours
  • 75 Finance Hours
  • 75 Human Resources Hours
  • Best Dollar Value
  • Longer Campaigns


  • Open Access to Advisors (within package hours)
  • 140 Marketing Hours
  • 90 Finance Hours
  • 90 Human Resources Hours
  • Larger Scale Projects

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Step 3: Start the Process

Work with advisors who understand your barriers as an Indigenous entrepreneur, and will help you overcome them. Our Programs Coordinator will get you started with the package that best suits your needs.